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Razzles Gum

Razzles Gum
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Razzles Gum is known for being a candy first and then a gum. You get an assortment of 5 fruit flavors per package. Razzles starts out as being a candy that turns into a gum.

Each box has 24 1.4 oz packs with approximately 14 gums per pack.

When razzles first came out in 1966 raspberry was the only flavor. Twenty years later Concord Confections purchased the Razzle brand and added new flavors.

Each package of razzles now has 5 fruit flavors :

Original Raspberry

Gushin Grape

Tangerine Orange

Luscious Lemon

Blazen Blueberry

This is the perfect gum for anyone who likes fruit flavors. Unlike most gums that are either in stick form or gumballs these are a round disk. Eat one flavor at a time or mix a few different ones together to make your own flavors.

If your taste buds crave a gum with more of a bold flavor try sour or tropical razzles.

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