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Red Vines Licorice Twists

Red Vines Licorice Twists
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Red vines licorice twists. These are the original strawberry red vine licorice twists. A great tasting hollow piece of licorice that is sweet and chewy. It has a smooth flavor that cannot compare to other licorice and will keep you coming back for more. Red vines brand licorice is the number one selling brand when it comes to licorice.

240 Red Vines per tub.

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Red Vines Licorice History

Red Vines are made my American Licorice Company, which has been making sweet confections since 1914. If you ask for licorice, you are asking for Red Vines. The other brands like Twizzler, just don't compare.

They are also a favorite of many celebrities such as Tom Hanks, Kevin Spacey and Brad Pitt not to mention they are the only licorice twists that Madonna will eat. Red Vines are kind of a celebrity themselves. They have appeared in hit TV shows like Friends and Six feet Under. Red Vines are the sweet treat that the Gilmore Girls would eat during their movie nights. On the big screen, they've made Cameos in Wayne's World 1 and 2 and Die Hard
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