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Rock Candy Stick Suckers

Rock Candy Stick Suckers
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Rock candy stick suckers. These rock candy sticks also known as rock candy suckers are a nostalgic candy from the past. Crunchy tiny sugar crystals on a wooden swizzle stick. Each tub has 36 individually suckers in a variety of colors and fruit flavors.

There are an assortment of 7 colors and flavors in each tub.

Blue Raspberry which is blue

Cherry which is the pink

Cotton Candy which is the light blue

Grape which is purple

Natural flavor which is the white

Strawberry which is red

Watermelon which is the light green

With the variety of flavors available it is hard to pick which flavor to eat first. I tend to be fond of the cotton candy and the cherry, but they are really tasty.

I have always wondered with all the flavors they come in why anyone would pick the natural flavored ones.

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