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Safety Pop Suckers

Safety Pop Suckers
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Safety Pop Suckers .The Safe-T-Pop lollipop is great for toddlers - also known as the "lollipop with the loop" and the "doctor's pop". It is the only pop with the fiber cord loop handle, and each pop is individually wrapped - handle and all!

Saf-T-Pops come 6 fruity flavors: Cherry, Grape, Orange, Lemon, Sour Apple, and Strawberry.

Saf T Pop, Safe T Pop or Safety Pop no matter how you spell it, it is the same great sucker, a favorite lollipop of every mother.

Each box contains 100 completely wrapped safety pop suckers per box from the Spangler Candy Company.

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Safety Pops - Childhood Memories
Well, let me see. "I remember when..." I do have this fond memory of an elderly woman who lived down our street. She was all alone in her home because her husband had died sometime before we met. I was 7 I think and my friends and I would always sneak down to her house to get free Saf T pops. I remember how good they tasted. Though I always wanted to chat a bit with her. That got me in trouble alot. It wasn't until later that she too had passed. We found that out because of a visit that came out empty handed. - Jessica
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