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Satellite Wafers

Satellite Wafers
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Satellite wafers also known as the flying saucer candy. Pastel colored wafer disc's in the shape of UFO's filled with tiny bright colored candy balls. These are a favorite nostalgic candy found in most penny candy stores.. They are out of this world.

Satellite wafers are one of our top selling nostalgic candies. Many remember these favorites all the way back to the 50's. If you are planning a 50's party these are a must have. Some other favorites from the 50's and 60's are candy cigarettes, Wax bottles, wax lips, hot dog gum, jolly rancher stix, sen sen, boston baked beans and jaw busters jawbreakers.

Each box of satellite wafers comes in a 240 count box. If you don't want a whole box no problem they are also available in a 21 count bag in our 50's party favors section.

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Satellite Wafers Memories

I was in elementary school, back in the 60's. NYC , midtown Manhattan. Right across the street from the back of the school was a small candy store. My friends and I would put our money together and run there after school. The store was small, but inside it had candy galore. Big jars next to each other on the shelves.

My favorite was the flying saucers. The wafer like candy with the little balls of sweetness inside. It seems like I was the only one of my friends who liked them. They told me it tasted like the host you got at church. Anyway I always got those and candy cigarettes. Strands of shoestring licorice and buttons candy were my second choices. I use to like to tie the licorice in knots and eat it, don't ask why. I remember doing the same thing some years later too.

Pixie sticks were O.K I would take one if a friend offered, and those little wax bottles of liquid what ever... Along with wax lips. Us girls use to form the wax into Fingernails and make believe we had long nails. We also use to buy juicyfruit gum and wrigleys spearmint gum and make a long chain from the wrappers.

- Cathy

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