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Satellite Wafers Candy UFO Candy From The 50's

Satellite Wafers Candy UFO Candy From The 50's
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Satellite wafers. A candy wafer shell with tiny balls inside that are totally edible. Their unique shape resembles that of a UFO and are often called flying saucer candy. Satellite wafers old time candy are our number one selling candy from the 50's . If you have never tried a flying saucer candy now is the time, they are out of this world.

For those of you that love these candy wafers satellite wafers are also available in a 240 count box.

These make great party favors for 50's birthday, class reunions or just to remember when. 21 per bag.

Flying saucer candy memories :

A childhood memory I have is with the flying saucer candies. My friends, sisters and I would pretend that it was a host (body of Christ) and play that we were going through first holy communion. One person would be the priest, the rest of us would be the children lined up at mass for communion.

Every time I have one of those candies, it brings me back to my childhood!


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Flying Saucer's UFO Candy Memories:

I remember when I was a child there was a corner store which is still there but has changed quite a bit since then lol but There was an Italian lady that ran the store with lots and lots of penny candy. I just couldn't wait to walk there with my sisters and get the flying saucer wafer candy Called Satellite wafer candy. To this day I still think of how we eventually ended up buying boxes from her at a time as the whole family loved them. The Marshmallow cones and candy buttons were more favorites that we still eat when we see them in the stores. There really was nothing like Nostalgic candy. I remember when they had Mars bars why o why did they discontinue them we loved them too! One more candy I loved was the Marathon bar omg that was delicious that braided chocolate caramel goodness! Lisa
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