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Sen Sen Mints - Discontinued

Sen Sen  Mints - Discontinued
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Sen Sen mints are an old time candy from the 50's. These are the original mint breath freshener.Sen Sen are tiny pieces Of licorice with a strong flavor that come in a red foil package. You only need a few of these flakes to refresh your breath.

Many would carry these envelopes in their pockets and pop a few in their mouth before a big date. Being they are in a foil envelope they were easy to reseal for another time. At one time this anise flavored breath mints were America's most popular breath freshener. 12 Foil Packs Of Sen Sen Per Box. Definitely A Classic Mint

A Little Piece Of History On These Licorice Mints: When A Country Swain Went Courting His Rural Sweetheart, He Often Carried In His Pocket An Unobtrusive Little Envelope Of Sen-Sen. When His Younger Brother Indulged In Smoking Behind The Barn, He Too, Had Use For The Exotic Little Pellets. For Sen-Sen Was To The 19th Century What Breath Mints Are To Our Time. Any Country Store Worth Its Salt, Prominently Displayed A Box Of The Handy Little Packets Within Easy Reach Of Its Customers.

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