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Skybar Candy Bar

Skybar Candy Bar
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Skybar is an old time candy bar very similar to the old time retro candy bar called 7-Up. The sky bar however only has 4 different sections instead of 7 like the 7 up bar. Sky bars are divided into 4 sections with 4 great flavors, you get caramel, vanilla, peanut and fudge all smothered in a creamy milk chocolate. You are getting 4 delicious candy bars all in one. The skybar is just one of the classic candies made by Necco.

For box of sky bars come in a 36 count, however if 24 are to many or you just want to try a sky bar and see how it rates to your old time retro 7-Up candy bar we also carry them in a 6 count goody bag in our 50's party favors and goody bag section.

24 1.5 oz. Necco skybar

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7 Up Candy Bar Memories
I recall taking my meager weekly allowance and riding my bike to the local Woolworth store. The rattling noise the playing card that were held with clothes pins to my bike's rear tire spokes announced my arrival, my bike's handle bar streamers sailed gracefully on both sides of my pink girl's bike with the white plastic wicker basket on the front.

I would spend a good 20 minutes browsing the candy racks while trying to do enough good math in my young head to ensure my candy buy was the absolute best with the biggest selection for the amount of money I had that week..

My favorites were the 7up candy bar when I was lucky enough to find them in stock, my next favorite were Slo Pokes and another kind just like a Slo Poke but dipped in chocolate and called a Black Cow. Later at home I would sneak into the kitchen and turn on the gas stove top and slightly melt my Slo Pokes and Black Cows until the caramel began to slightly droop, they were great warm! Bubble Gum was always a necessity on my list as were those foot long and flat hard taffy's. Long lasting jaw breakers would last the week and cinnamon toothpics were great when you went some where with your folks that you couldn't be chomping on candy.

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