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Slap Stix Caramel Pops

Slap Stix  Caramel Pops
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Slap Stix is a caramel pop swirled with vanilla, cherry and banana nougat. This treat is based upon the original formula for the "Snirkle"; the first product made by Howard B. Stark. Slap Stix were first produced in 1965 and continue to be produced exclusively in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. In the early 1990's, the formula was changed only slightly; healthier skim milk replaced whole milk.

Slap Sitx or Slap Sticks suckers? No matter how you spell it, itís the same great tasting caramel Lollipop. A favorite candy from the 60ís made by Stark Candy Company as division of Necco.

36 Caramel Slap Stick Vintage Suckers per box

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Slap Stix Candy Memories:

My favorite candy was always slap stix caramels suckers. When I had to do something I didn't want to do my dad could always bribe me into it with one of those fabulous sucker. The last time was when I had to have my tonsils out. My dad searched everywhere in Anchorage, Alaska but nobody carried them. He finally called a relative in the lower 48 states and had them ship up a dozen suckers, just for me. Nothing says love better then your favorite candy.

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