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Slo-Poke Caramel Sucker

Slo-Poke Caramel  Sucker
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Slo pokes mini suckers have been discontinued, however they are still available in a bite size chew or get a slo poke bar.

Slo Poke suckers are a great old time nostalgic candy from the 50's, 60ís and 70ís. They now appeal to a whole new generation of fans

Slo Pokes are a rich chewy caramel on a stick with long lasting flavor. Personally I think they should be call Slow Pokes as they last a long time if you try eating it all at once you will be a slow poke.

Some other old fashioned suckers are Sugar Daddy Pops, Slap Stix, Safety Pops and donít forget charms lollipops.

48 Jr. Slo Poke Pops per box.

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Slo Poke Candy Memories
On stressful days, I could put away 10 or 12 slo poke suckers. (I keep telling myself they are little and that is not all that bad, but all that sugar is not really good for me, but what the heck.) They remind me of being a kid again, of a simpler time, when we did not lock our house or our car, and the tv was black and white, because that's about all we could afford. They were my favorite candy from my childhood. Nothing beats a Slo Poke.

Mary Lou

In 1980 I worked in a store as a teenager and was in charge of stocking the candy aisle. I was given a giant Slo Poke by the distributor who delivered the candy. It was about 12" across and at least 18" to 24" long with a great big stick in it. I spent a whole month licking this thing all day long until my tongue was totally raw. I was in seventh heaven. I believe at that time it was a Holloway Slo Poke in a brown wrapper with yellow writing. I have never seen these suckers on a shelf in many years now. I will always remember laying outside in the grass, licking my great big sucker watching the clouds go by and dreaming of my childhood days.


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