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Smarties Candy Rolls

Smarties Candy Rolls
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Smarties Candy Rolls, take a trip down memory lane with smarties candy, who could forget them? 10 different flavors of sweet and tart little pastel candies per roll. Smarties were also known as the candy pill. I am sure many fond childhood memories include playing doctor and smarties candy were always the aspirin that could cure any illness.

Smarties are not only a favorite candy from the 50ís, but still an American Classic candy today. They make great party favors for any birthday party just not 50ís parties; they have even been used for wedding favors, bridal and baby showers. Everyone loves smarties.

Each box contains 160 candy rolls.

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Smarties Candy Memories
My daughter was born with a lot of hair. By the time she was 2 years she had hair down the middle of her back. Like any 2 year old, she did not like her hair brushed. It became a daily routine that we would get up have breakfast and send dad off to work. Once dad was gone, I would open 4-5 rolls of smarties candies and start doing her hair for the day. We did her hair in front of the TV with her smarties until she was 5 years old. She still likes smarties, and it still reminds her of her hair days. - Leah

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