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Soda Pop Candy Canes

Soda Pop Candy Canes
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Candy canes in soda pop flavors. Dr. Pepper, A & W Root-beer and Orange Crush. These certainly are a twist on a classic peppermint candy cane.

Now you can satisfy you soda pop craving with one of these yummy candy canes.

These would be a perfect candy for your Christmas stockings, to hand on your Christmas tree and put on top of a present.

Many customers have asked when the decided on the flavors for soda pop flavored candy canes why did they choose Dr.Pepper, A & W Root Beer and Orange Crush. The only answer we could come up with is there are so many different flavors of candy canes available now, however you don't see root beer or orange flavored canes. I am a bit surprised though that they decided on Dr. Pepper and not a cola flavor. Who knows maybe next year as every year the keep coming with more and more flavors of candy canes.

Each box of Soda Pop candy canes as 12 candy canes.

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