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Sour Patch Watermelon

Sour Patch Watermelon
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Sour patch watermelon slices. A soft and chewy sweet tasting watermelon gummy treat.Each watermelon slice is coated with a sour sugar, once you get past the sour candy you bite into a sweet watermelon chewy gummy. Each piece looks just like a watermelon slice rind and all.

These are a perfect candy for those who like sour treats. Once you get going it is hard to eat just one. Sour, Sweet, Gone !

We have all your favorite sour candies. Sour patch kids, sour razzles gum, lemonheads, warheads, charms sweet and sour zours. We even have a sour candy gift basket full of sour goodies that will make you pucker up.

Each box of watermelon slices has 240 individually wrapped sour patch candies.

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Sour Patch Watermelon Candy Memories:

I was so happy to find these delicious sour patch watermelon candies. I love watermelon candy, but they are not readily available. So I though I would give these a try. Although I am not really found of sour treats, I found these to get great.

When you first bite into them you get a sour blast, which doesn't last long. Once you reach the chewy centers you bite into to a yummy watermelon flavored candy. These are a nice refreshing treat on a hot summer day just like fresh watermelon.

If you like watermelon treats, but don't really care for gummy type candies try the watermelon drops by claey's. Those where my favorite until I gave the sour patch a try.

John - Dean, TX.

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