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Sugar Daddy Mini Pop

Sugar Daddy Mini Pop
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Sugar daddy pop. A mini size version of sugar daddy caramel pops. You can buy your favorite sugar daddy suckers in either a 24-count box of regular size or a box of 48-count sugar daddy pop mini's.

A slab of caramel on a stick by Tootsie. Did you know that these first came out in the early 1900ís and was originally called the papa sucker, by 1932 the name was changed to sugar daddy.

Sugar daddies have been around forever and are a favorite old time sucker. Although these are caramel you donít have to worry about them sticking to the wrappers. These have a wax paper type wrapped so even if you start to eat them and want to save the rest of later just place it back on the wrapper without having to worry about it sticking.

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