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Super Ropes Licorice

Super Ropes Licorice
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Super ropes licorice by American Licorice. A favorite old time licorice candy, you get 15 individually wrapped super ropes licorice per box, each one being 34 inches long for hours of chewy fun.

Super ropes are different from most other licorice. It is solid and not hollow and has a smooth texture unlike most licorice that is twisted. The same recipe is used to make super ropes that is used for Red Vines Licorice.

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Super Ropes Fun Facts
Did You Know ?

Super Ropes original licorice ropes are an old time candy that has been around since the mid 50's. Although this candy is over 50 years old it is still made with the same process today as it was then.

Super ropes have always been a huge success at concession stands for sporting events, county fairs and carnivals. When these were first introduced in 1955 the ropes were not only unwrapped but they also only came out in black licorice. The rollin red flavored ropes did not come out until the 70's and then they were wrapped for freshness.

There are a few different flavors of licorice ropes however the red ropes are the number one seller. You don't have to be a kid to enjoy these as many adults love them too.
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