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Swedish Fish Candy

Swedish Fish Candy
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Swedish fish Candy. Soft and chewy candy fish with a sweet tasting cherry flavor. Swedish fish are even in the shape of a little fish and are very similar in texture to that of a gummy.

Each cherry flavored fish is approx. 1 inch long and individually wrapped. These little guys can found in many of our gift baskets.

240 swedish fish per box.

If 240 fish are way to many for you we also have them in a 20 count party favor bag.

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Fun With Swedish Fish
This is going to be the best. You thank God for having such a push over of a Dad. Walking into the bright artificial light, the cool air refreshes your body from the summer heat. The first thing that hits you is the smell of popcorn and butter. There's nothing like the sound of it popping and people's feet crunching it into the red carpet while men in suits try to sweep it up before it gets ground in. You reach into your shirt pocket grabbing an odd combination of cardboard and colored foil preparing you for a treat.

Do things really jump right off the screen Dad?

They sure do. A hand pats you on the head as you are pushed towards the doors.

I need one thing.

Walking over to the glass display pointing to a box of Swedish Fish, a smile later you're sitting in a dark theater melting into a plush seat, your feet dangling not even racing the ground. The creature from the Black Lagoon reaches out and grabs the girl, popcorn flies from most people laps. Suddenly the screen changes and the fish underwater start to swim right off the screen towards you. Your heart racing you reach out trying to grab one but it slips between your fingers. Then you have an idea.

Reaching into the box of Swedish Fish you bring your hand in front of you, as the fish from the screen swim around in circles your fish follows right behind. As one of them swims right towards your face your hand follows from behind, popping a fish into your mouth. Red, gooey, chewy, delicious and gone.

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