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Thin Ribbon Candy

Thin Ribbon Candy
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Thin Ribbon Candy, an old time traditional Christmas candy. Each piece of candy is spun into a delicious, thin, delicate, fragile ribbon. Each piece has a great tasting fruity flavor which makes it hard to eat just one piece. Thin ribbon is fat free, has no salt, no cholesterol and no preservatives.

With Thin ribbon being such a fragile and delicate treat, they will sometimes break during shipping, We do carefully wrap the boxes in bubble wrap and do our best to keep that from happening.

Once opened to keep your ribbons fresh do not place them in the refrigerator instead place these candy ribbons in a covered glass dish or a tightly covered tin or container.

Each box of Thin Ribbon Christmas Candy is 9 oz and comes in assorted fruit flavors. Order early as quantities are limited.

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