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Trivia Tuesday Candy Contest

Join our Facebook Fan page for our Tuesday Trivia Question. If you think you know that answer be the first one to post to win an old time candy surprise. If if you are not sure of the correct answer , try anyways you never know. Correct answer and winners will be posted on Fridays.

Our Trivia Tuesdays have been a lot of fun. All you have to do is become a fan on our Face Book page and every Tuesday pop in and take a guess on our new candy question. If you are the first to guess the correct answer you win.

If you already see the answer you think is the correct one don’t let that stop you from joining in on the fun. From time to time we have been known to pick another random fan who posted correctly and send them a prize also.

Then just stop back in again on Fridays to see the correct answer and winner. You never know in a few days you can be sitting back munching on a sweet treat.

We are going to try something a little bit different. We are going to let our fans submit some trivia questions. If we use your question not only will the winner get a prize, but also the fan that submitted the question gets a prize.

Here are some Guidelines:

• Email your question and answer to us at oryans@web-partners.net

• In the subject line put Trivia Contest Question.

• Question can be either a one or two part answer.

• You may submit more then one question just submit your questions in a separate email.

• Questions must pertain to Old Time Retro Nostalgic Candy.

• The question can not be to easy to guess, our fans are really smart when it comes to candy so try to make it somewhat challenging

• Post on our Face book page that you have submitted a question, so we can be on the look out for the email.

Please keep in mind due to product availability the candy that the question is about may not be what candy you receive. For ease of mailing all prizes are sent in a bubble envelope some products just don’t fit in an envelope. We will however send a related sweet treat. If you have any questions please let us know.

So put on your thinking caps and start submitting your questions and lets have some fun.
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