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Ultimate Willy Wonka Gift Basket With DVD

Ultimate Willy Wonka Candy  Basket
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This is the ultimate Willy Wonka Candy basket. You will get runts, gobstoppers, tangy taffy, laffy taffy, laffy taffy rope, nerds, fun dip - lik m aid, pixy sticks, shock tarts, bottle caps, chewy gobstoppers. Not only do you get all these great wonka treats but also the dvd " Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory ".

This Willy Wonka candy gift basket makes a great present no matter what occasion you are looking for. Not only do kids love this gift baskets , but so do adults as this gift basket takes them back to their childhood.

Sorry but the oompas, wonka bar and wonka donutz have been discontinued. Style of gift basket may not be the same one as the one in the picture depending on availability. Due to availability some of the candy listed may not be in basket and we will have to substitute with other Wonka candies.

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