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Warheads Sour Candy - Bulk 5 Pound Assorted Flavors

Warheads - Bulk   5 Pound  Assorted Flavors
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This bag of mega warheads is perfect for the sour candy lover. YOu get 5 pounds of your favored extreme sour warheads in assorted flavors; sour black cherry, sour lemon, sour apple, sour watermelon and sour blue raspberry.

Warheads are the favorite amongst sour candy lovers. Also some other good sours are cry baby bubble gum, lots a fizz which are similar to zots old time favorite, sour patch kids or lemonheads.

Each bulk bag of war heads has over 700 pieces of sour delights, now that is a lot of pucker power.

700 warheads are more then your tongue can handle no problem we also carry them in a 240 count jar.

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