Warheads Juniors

Warheads  Juniors
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Warheads Juniors extreme sour candy. Warheads are known for their sour flavor. These Junior warheads have the same great taste as the original mega warheads they are just a mini bite size candy. They may be small but they are mighty. The pack a sour punch that will make your taste buds beg for more.

Warhead Jr.s comes in tube like containers with a pop open lid. Shake a few of these bite size sours in your mouth at once if you dare.

Warheads sour candy comes in the following flavors : Apple, Black Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Lemon and Watermelon.

Warheads are our top selling sour candy. If you like sour bubble gum try the cry baby gum balls. Both of these are a sour favorite.

18 - 1.75 oz. containers of warhead jr's per box.

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