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Warheads Candy Gift Basket

Warheads Candy Gift Basket
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This candy gift basket is perfect for anyone who loves warhead sour candy. When it comes to sour candy, warheads are our top seller. If you have never had a warhead sour candy you are going to be surprise, your tongue will not know what hit it.

This candy basket is full of nothing but warheads sour treats. You get the following candies.

.5 oz bag of warheads sour chewy cubes

1 package of warheads sour twists - these are new

1 warheads sour dippers - a hard candy you lick and dip in warheads sour powder sugar

3 small packages of extreme sour warheads hard candy

1 Sour Spray

1 Roll of sour Warheads candy

1 Bottle of warheads sour double drops

1 canister of bite size warheads

20 assorted flavors of extreme sour warheads.

If you are a lover of warheads sour candies or known someone who is, this is going to make the perfect gift. No matter what the occasion is. Guaranteed to make you pucker up for hours.

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