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Pixy Sticks Candy

Pixy Sticks Candy
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Pixy sticks powered candy, a favorite nostalgic candy. Paper straws filled with fruit flavored sour sugar. Just rip off the end of the paper straw and pour the powdered candy in your mouth. No matter how hard you tried not to the paper straw on these pixy sticks would always collapse.

35 Pixy sticks per bag.

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Pixy Sticks Memories:

Pixy Stix were one of my favorite candies I had as a kid. Every time I would get a dime , my girlfriends and I would head right to our favorite corner candy store. The girls would get jaw breakers, suckers, bazooka bubble gum, but not me pixy stix all the way.

I could not wait for the to finish picking out their treats. By the time we were half way home I would have eaten 2 or 3 sugar filled straws. Of course the paper straws would get stuck together in the process, but that was have the fun of eating them.

Once back home we would fill glasses of water and pour the sweet sugar in and make our own kool aid. However thinking back it didn't taste very good, but we sure did enjoy it. I was happy to see my favorite candy and enjoy some sweet memories.

Jan - TX

My daughter Ashley was about 2 years old. Her fish had run out of food and I told her that when I come home from work we will go to store and get more food. Later that day I came home and noticed the tank was cloudy. Looked in the tank and all the fish were floating on top.

I noticed some empty candy wrappers on floor and asked Ashley what happened. She said her fish were hungry and couldn't wait for me to eat so she fed them.

You cannot get mad at a 2 year old for knowing if your hungry you have to eat.

To this day (21 years later) we all still laugh about this.


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