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Zagnut Candy Bar

Zagnut Candy Bar
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Zagnut candy bar has a unique blend of crunchy peanut butter covered in toasted coconut. Zagnuts are and old time candy bar from the 50s and 60's and have been around for almost 75 years making them quite a nostalgic treat.

There is not other candy bar around like a zagnut as they have no chocolate. When you think of a candy bar you automatically think chocolate bar. This is a delicious nostalgic bar, if you have never had one it is time to treat yourself to a zagnut today.

Zagnuts remind me of a chick o stick just in a bar form rather then a stick and bigger too! You don't have to be a coconut lover to enjoy a zagnut bar. We have had many customers who just don't care for coconut enjoy these delicious bars.

Other nostalgic candy bars are the clark bar, bun bars available in either vanilla or maple flavor, chunky bar and ice cube chocolates.

18 1.75oz Zagnut bars per box.

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